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Mixed summer crops condition in mid-September

September 27, 2019

Most summer crops in Northern China are getting into mature stage by 21st September. The late rice in Southern China was at the heading stage while the harvesting of single rice / semi-late rice was still ongoing in lower Yangtze river basin.

The NDVI departure from the past five years average indicates favorable crop conditions in the provinces of Guizhou and Sichuan. Sufficient rainfall provides sufficient water for crop development over these two provinces. However, due to continuous low rainfall and above average temperature, crops were below average condition in northern Jiangxi and Hunan, as well as southern of Anhui. Northeast China presents overall above average condition compared to the recent five years average. In general, crop condition was average but mixed nationwide.


Figure 1. NDVI departure from 5years average (2019/09/06-2019/09/21)