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Average crop condition in China in mid-June 2015

July 01, 2015

WheatThe harvesting of winter wheat almost concluded during the monitoring period. The weather conditions are unfavorable for the harvesting and drying of winter wheat due to the continuous rainy weather in Anhui and Hubei provinces. In general, the total production of winter wheat is above the 2014 record due to an increased yield and planted area.

Rice: In southern China, rice is at tillering stage. Rice condition is generally at average compared with the previous five years average except for southern Hubei and south western China where  early rice development was hampered by abnormal heavy rainfall.

Maize: Spring maize in northern China is general at average condition at jointing stage. The sowing of summer maize at north-western China and the North China Plain almost completed. The sufficient rainfall on North China Plain is beneficial for the emergence and development of summer maize.

Soybean: Agro-climatic conditions are favorable for soybean in northeast China, while hail occurred in central Jilin was adverse for crops.