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Favourable crop condition recorded in mid-to-late Aug

September 02, 2020

During the monitoring period from Aug 12th -27th, 2020, the spring maize in Northeast China gradually entered the stage of silking and milk ripening, while summer maize in North China was in silking stage. Soybean in Northeast China is in podding and filling stage, while that in Anhui, Jiangsu and Henan is in flowering and pod setting stage. In most areas of southern and central China, single cropping rice is at heading stage. According to the NDVI departure map, the crop growth in China was close to the average level in recent five years while crop condition in southern Gansu and Ningxia was better than the 5YA. Affected by heavy rainfall and flood, the growth of crops in Guangdong and Guangxi was significantly lower than the 5YA. In addition, drought caused by continuous high temperature and less rain was unfavorable to the growth and development of crops in western Liaoning Province, and the crop growth was lower than that in previous years. The overall growth of crops in China was average, but the regional differences were significant. It is also noteworthy that the Typhoon Bavi is moving through the Northeast China which might damage summer crops which are approaching maturity stage. 


 Figure1:NDVI departure from 5 years average (2020.08.12 - 2020.08.27)