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Average crop condition observed in mid-to-late June 2021 in China

July 02, 2021

During the period from June 10th to 25th, 2021, the winter wheat in Xinjiang and Gansu was mostly in the stage of milk-ripe to maturity, and part of them began to harvest. As for the one-season rice, it was mostly in regreening to tillering stage in Northeast China, and that was mainly in three-leaf to tillering stage in Jianghuai and Jianghan. The majority of one-season rice in Southwest China was in the stage of tillering to jointing. Moreover, most of the spring maize entered the seven-leaves to jointing stage in Northwest, Northern and Northeast China, while it was generally in the stage of jointing to flowering in Southwest China. The majority of the spring maize in middle and western Guangxi was in silking to milk-ripe stage, and some of them were mature.

In the mid-June, the precipitation in most parts of Southwest China, South China and parts of central China was lower than the average in the past 15 years, while that in most parts of North China, Jianghuai and parts of Northwest China was higher than the average. At the same time, the average temperature in Southwest, Southern and central China was 0.5-2.0 ℃ higher than the average, 0.5-1.0 ℃ lower in Northwest China and 2.1 ℃ lower in Xinjiang. As far as the crop condition is concerned, the harvest of Winter Wheat in Huanghuai was almost completed. Although a deficit of rainfall was observed in early June, it seems have little effect to the sowing and emergence of summer maize and the jointing of spring maize, owning to the developed irrigation system. In addition, the significant higher-than-average crop status distributed mainly in Southwest China and partly in Northeast China. Generally, the growth of summer grain in China was normal in the mid-to-late June.

Figure 1: NDVI departure from 5 years average (2021.6.10 - 2021.6.25)