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Average crop condition observed from mid-to-late June 2022

July 02, 2022

In mid-to-late June 2022, winter wheat in Xinjiang and Gansu entered the mature stage, and some of them began to be harvested. In the southern, early rice is in the stage of booting to milk maturity. In the northeast, most of the first-season rice is in the tillering stage. In the middle of Jianghuai and Jianghan, rice is generally in the three-leaf to tillering stage. In the middle of the southwest, rice is mainly in the tillering to jointing stage. In the northern, spring maize is mostly in the stage of seven-leaf to jointing. The southern, spring maize is mostly in the jointing to milk maturity stage, and some parts of Guangxi have already matured.

From mid-to-late June, in the majority of the northern areas, the temperature was higher than 15-YA with periodic meteorological drought. The spatial distribution map of the standardized precipitation index (SPI) shows that the northern China plain, the Jianghuai region, the Guanzhong region of Shaanxi, and the southeastern part of Gansu are experiencing high temperatures and little rainfall. Although some areas have alleviated the impact of drought through irrigation, the early growth and development of maize still lagged.

Due to the higher rainfall at the end of June that effectively alleviated the meteorological drought, the growth, and development process of maize will gradually catch up to the normal level. Most of the early rice areas in the south have high rainfall and low photosynthetically active radiation, which is unfavorable for the growth of early rice, consequently, the crop condition of rice is lower than average. Agro-climatic conditions are favorable in most parts of northeast China, and crop condition is average. In general, the national crop condition is generally normal.

Figure 1: Standardized Precipitation Index spatial distribution map (2022.5.20 – 2022.6.20)