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Average crop condition observed in early-to-mid October 2022

October 31, 2022

During the monitoring period in early-to-mid October 2022, maize harvest has been completed in most areas of North and Northeast China. Late rice in the middle and lower Yangtze River is at the milky and mature stage. Single rice in Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang and Anhui is at mature stage and the harvest is ongoing, while rice in Northeast China is at the late harvest stage and almost conclude. Winter wheat in major planted regions is at the sowing and seeding stage.
Agro-climatic conditions are overall favorable crop harvesting, sowing and seeding. Most of the Northeast temperature and radiation are close to normal. Good heat conditions are conducive to the ripening and harvesting of crops such as corn, soybeans and single rice . Due to the sufficient rainfall in most of the northern wheat region in the early stage, the soil accumulated enough moisture, which was beneficial to the sowing and emergence of winter wheat. In the eastern part of Northwest China and the middle and lower Yangtze River, the radiation and temperature are normal, and the number of rainfall days is less than normal year. The weather is mainly sunny or cloudy in most periods, and the meteorological conditions are favorable for the harvest and drying of autumn crops such as corn and soybean. Eastern Guizhou, south-central Hunan, and most of Jiangxi received less than 25 mm of precipitation, and agricultural drought continued or developed, with some areas slowing down the drought through irrigation, but crops in mountainous areas were severely affected by drought, resulting in deviations in crop growth in some areas compared to previous years. Insufficient soil moisture accumulation may affect the subsequent sowing of oilseed rape.
In general, the weather in early October is conducive to the harvesting of autumn crops and the sowing of winter wheat.